A mission. A vision.

I believe that all people enjoy looking at photographs in some way, shape or form.

They enjoy looking back at days gone by, they enjoy laughing at funny expressions, or old hair styles. They enjoy catching up on relatives or friends who are far away or they just don't see often enough. Many people are moved to tears by the love expressed in engagement portraits and wedding photos. Others find solace in portraits of grandparents, families and babies. No matter what viewing a photograph creates an emotional reaction.

That reaction, whether it be joy, celebration, solace, laughter, and, yes, sometimes even sadness is what drives Leitzke Photography.


Engagements portraits are special for the couple and the photographer. They are taken before the craziness of wedding day planning sets in and the couple couldn't be more "In Love". There is a gorgeous new ring to show off and genuine affection to capture. Leitzke Photography strives to tell the love story of each couple in portraits.


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